B&B Game Designs' mission is to provide top quality, affordable 3D game assets and services to Gamers both local and global. Allowing them to grow their passion for the hobby we all love.

Because we are Gamers too.

It is our goal to provide a one stop location for Gamers and game design enthusiasts to find the services and models to meet their needs. Whether it is designs from concept to print, 3rd party models or collector pieces, we can provide you with the services you are looking for.

3D Design Services

B&B Game Designs is capable of creating 3D models for the consumer market using the most up-to-date software. We can provide unique 3D STL files for printing. This service will provide you with the capability to obtain models that meet your needs.  Whether its for tabletop gaming, cosplay, game design or models we can design the model for you. Design services will be offered on a contract basis.

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Screenshot_2020-03-31 Peopoly Phenom 3d

Painting Services

Painting can be time consuming and expensive. Let us do the painting for you. Simply purchase a 3D printed model from us and indicate you would like it painted. We will then work with you to develop a colour render of your model. Once approved we will the paint  and seal the model to match. 

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3D Printing Services

Found the perfect model, but don't have the ability to print it
? Not a problem. B&B Game Design can print that model for you. We currently have four FDM And 3 Resin 3D printers in our inventory. can print in multiple colours. We have a maximum capacity of 450x450x470mm. Our resin printer are capable of high resolution prints up to 276 x 155 x 400 mm  

B&B Game Design is continuously increasing our print capacity and capabilities. To get a quote simply e-mail us a copy of the STL file along with the dimensions and we can provide a quote.

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