The Lion's Brew

The Lion's Brew


The perfect choice for a brave adventurer. This ivory and silver mug is emboldened with the image of a great savanah lion. The symbol of bravery, wisdom and strength. You will be the envy of all glory seeking adventures.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    Returns will be honoured for a period of 10 days from the date of delivery. Accepted reasons for returns are damged product, misprints, or unsatisfied with design. Simply notify us of the issue, verify by photo of issue. Return the mug to us (at our cost) for either a full refund, Reprint or an alternate selection. Sorry we cannot accept mugs which have been painted.

  • Product Info

    Mythic Mugs is a series of highly detailed 3D printed fantasy can holders. Each mug has been sculpted to represent a unique adventuring class or fantasy theme. The mugs are designed to hold most standard size beverage cans. They come with two inserts to adjust for various can dimensions. They printed from non-toxic PLA plastic. It is not recommended to drink directly from the mugs. If you wish to drink other beverages with the mugs it is recommended to find a glass or plastic cup to insert into the mug. The mugs are not designed for hot beverages. Excessive heat can soften the plastic and cause deformation.