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Hello everyone, I hope this finds you and yours healthy and safe. I know it has been a while since we started this blog. With all that has happened in the world we decided to take a pause and use our resources to support our local health care workers.

We have not been totally idle during this time. We have renovated our print farm area to accommodate our expanding print capacity.

We have added a Peopoly Phenom Resin printer to our arsenal. this will allow us to print large scale resin quality models up to (276x155x400mm). As a test print I indulged myself.

This is a is a model by Liam Morgan and can be found on I have not done any sanding or finishing yet. The model stands 18cm in height and was printed as a three piece model. I can't wait to finish this. I'll post an update when I can.

We have also been busy test printing an expansion to our line of mythic mugs by Ars Moriendi 3D . These include new mugs (the Elf, Dwarf, Half-orc, and the Necromancer) as well as a line of matching dice containers. I'm currently painting these and will have pictures within a couple of days. These will be available on The3DShoppe by the end of the month.

Finally, I'm pleased to announce we have entered in to a merchants agreement with Ec3D Designs / Heroes Horde to produce their miniature lines. Please check out their products and message us if you see something you like. (we have all the files). We have also purchased the vendors license for CastnPlay minis. We are busy print testing and grouping all of these models to place on the store. They should start to roll out within the next couple of weeks.

I realize this has been a very long update. Thank you for your patience and support. If there is a line of minis or terrain you wish us to acquire please message us and we will do our best. Watch for further updates here and on our facebook and instagram. Until then please be safe and consider everyone's health. Above all Good Gaming.

Brett & Bryan

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