We are proud to team up with the masters of scatter terrain and minis, Hero's Horde and EC3D Design, to bring you some of the best fantasy scatter terrain. From the Arabian setting of Empires of the Scorched Sand to the frozen lands of The Wilds of Wintertide this design studio offers a wide variety of quality models. 

Screenshot_2020-06-12 Hero's Hoard .png
Screenshot_2020-06-12 oakenspire - Googl

We have invested in almost their entire library of models.  We will be offering their models as sets and individual models on our Etsy store. Also we will be offering the ability to custom order EC3D's Oakenspire Skyship designed as you want it. For a small up-charge you can work with one of our designer to make the ship of your dreams. Then the model will be 3D printed as a kit and shipped to you for assembly.

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Available Now in Our Etsy Store

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