Brett Pritchard

Director of Operations & Marketing

Brett has more than 40 years experience in the gaming world. He enjoys Battletech, Starwars Legion, D&D and various boardgames.

Brett has 35 years experience in production management within the printing industry. He has a wide skill base including operations/project management, graphic design and game design.

Please Contact Brett for business questions, strategic partnership opportunities or general inquires.

Bryan Pritchard

Director of Creative Design and IT

Bryan has more than 10 years experience in the gaming world. He enjoys Starwars Legion, Battletech, World of Warcraft, D&D

Bryan is working towards becoming a 3D design artist and game designer. He has a working knowledge of Blender, Z Brush, Simply 3D and Cura.

Please Contact Bryan for Design issues or requests  or general inquires.

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