Deep in the outer rim of the galaxy, explorers have discovered the abandoned remains of an advanced military base. It is thought to have been  the property of the Bannii. A warlike species who nearly dominated the galaxy. Now their designs and technology are up for grabs to the highest bidders.

Welcome to B&B Game Designs first Kickstarter. We are a father and son team from Peterborough Canada. We have enjoyed tabletop games such as Starwars Legion and Battletech for some time. A few months ago we purchased a 3D printer and began to design terrain for our games. We wanted a system of modular and customizable models which could be used for any Si-Fi Game. What we have designed is both flexible and creative. It can be used for any si-fi tabletop game today, even roleplaying games.

As we are new to the 3D world, we kept the models simple and easy to print. All models have been printed on our Pursa Mk3s printer without any support material. The system is designed to let the user make the models to their liking. The buildings are blank structures and all the detail has been printed on plates to be applied as the user desires.

We hope that our designs meet your gaming needs. It is our hope to use the funds raised from this and future projects to finance the opening of a 3D printing store that supports the gaming community.