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B&B Game Designs' mission is to provide top quality, affordable 3D game assets and services to Gamers both local and global. Allowing them to grow their passion for the hobby we all love.

Because we are Gamers too.

Located in Peterborough Ontario Canada, B&B Game Designs is a father and son team dedicated to providing 3D services to the global gaming community.

Offering unique models of our own as well as top quality models from other artists, it is our goal to create a one stop location for Gamers to get the 3D assets they are looking for to enhance their gaming experience.

Services Offered

  • Custom 3D Model Design

  • 3D STL Model Sales

  • Board Game Accessories

  • 3D Avatar Modeling

  • 3D Printed Models

  • 3D Printing Services

  • Painting Services



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Bannii Project

Lake Town

In The Pipeline

  • Dwarven Mining Village

  • Futuristic City

  • Orc Camp

  • Fantasy Football Stadium

  • Si-Fi Interior Tiles

  • Dungeon Tiles

  • Fantasy Scatter Terrain

  • Catan Tiles & Upgrade set

  • Fantasy Castle

A modular futuristic military compound. Ideal for Battletech, Star Wars Legion or Si-Fi RPGs. Buildings and compound wall are completely modular and customizable.


  • 10 Bunker Buildings

  • Pill box

  • Command Centre

  • Communication Dome

  • Control Tower

  • Compound Walls

  • Fuel Depot

  • Landing Pad

  • Hangers

  • Catwalks

  • Energy Generator

  • Ion Cannon

  • Lrg / Sml Radars

  • Defense Canon

  • Barracks

  • Repair Bay

  • Nuclear Fussion Stn.

  • 2 Dropships

  • Troop Ship

  • Missile Launcher

  • Support Vehicles

  • Scatter Terrain

A fantasy village modeled after the village in the Hobbit. Modular dock system using Open Lock system. Ideal for D&D Tabletop RPG, other fantasy tabletop games.


  • 10 Dock Tiles

  • Railings

  • Lamp posts

  • Stairs

  • Bridge

  • Small River Boat

  • Fishing Boat

  • Lake Barge

  • Draw Bridge

  • Fishing Hut

  • Small House

  • Market Stalls

  • Grand Hall

  • Multi Story House

  • Tavern

  • Armory

  • Shops

  • Warehouses

  • Guard Towers

  • Watch Tower

  • Scatter Terrain

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